To develop our television advertising environments in tandem with the evolving television landscape, we need to engage stakeholders right across the industry. This also means building bridges between ourselves and hitherto loosely connected and disparate parts of our industry.

By exploring the industry from the perspective of leading industry figures their respective positions, we aim to present a 360 degree viewpoint, which we hope will enhance understanding of the current environment - and how we see our own roles within it.

Bringing together these different voices in the book the New Language for the New Medium of Television both synthesises current industry thinking, and is also a metaphor for the way in which we see our industry moving forward. It is our firm belief we should all be working together, to develop new models for the benefit of all. In this respect, our activities represent an organic, experiential research process which we intend to become an ongoing dialogue. We aim to use the 'blue papers', as a vehicle to perpetuate our conversation with the industry beyond this book.

The new television medium requires new language to define it, as well as new economics, and new ways of working to exploit it.