A Consumer Insight Perspective:Global Media Change
Sheila Byfield: Director of Consumer Insight, MindShare Worldwide
A Marketing Perspective: The Branding Bubble
Andrew Curry: Director, The Henley Centre
An Academic Perspective: Long-Term Issues For TV Advertising
Patrick Barwise: Professor of Management and Marketing, London Business School
A Broadcaster Perspective: Knowing Your Consumer In The 21st Century
Alan James: Head of Media Planning, BBC Broadcast
Re-thinking TV: My Journey From Terrestrial To Multichannel TV
Jeremy Isaacs: Founding Chairman, Artsworld
A Format Distribution Perspective: Multichannel, Formats and The Rise of Customised Viewing
Chris Bonney: CE0, Screentime Partners
A Broadcaster Perspective: Differentiation is King
Lisa Opie: Managing Director, Flextech Television
A Broadcaster Perspective: Television: Adapting to Thrive
Dick Emery: CEO, UKTV
A Research Perspective: Redressing The TV Turn-Off
Mike Smallwood: Consultant, UKTV
Peter Bowman: Commercial Strategist, UKTV
A Media Strategy Perspective: 'Clutter': An Industry Myth Revealed
Mark Greenstreet: Deputy Managing Director, Carat Insight
A Communications Planning Perspective: What Have You Done For Your Target Market Recently?
Sue Unerman: Director of Strategic Solutions, MediaCom
An Agency Group Perspective: Breaking Down The Barriers Between Media and Creative
Mandy Pooler: Chief Executive, The Channel, WPP
A Creative Perspective: Breaking Free From The Ad Break
Andy Bryant: Director, Creative, Red Bee Media
A Trading Perspective: A Reality Check
Beverly Clarke: Head of Insight, ids
Mark Howe: Managing Director, ids
A Trading Perspective: Accountable Television Has Arrived
Andrew Howells: Managing Partner, Zip TV
A Research Perspective: Is Media Planning Keeping Up With the Pace?
Andrew McIntosh: Research Director, ids
A Creative Perspective: Adland v Change
Robert Saville: Partner, Mother
An Organisational Perspective: New Working Practices for A New World of Work
Beverly Clarke: Head of Insight, ids
Jon Stokes: Organisational Psychologist, Stokes & Jolly